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Re: Re: TH in Vancouver cancelled?!?

On Fri, 10 Oct 1997, zia wrote:

> >i've heard the show at the pic (in vancouver) was cancelled, but 
> >that plumtree are opening for superchunk!!?? on thursday instead?
> What's up with the cancellations?  Is someone in the band sick/ are 
> they anticipating shitty crowds or something?  This sucks, I'm so 
> disappointed cause I was really looking forward to this.  If they're still 
> dropping by Vancouver, I hope something can be set up.  

maybe it's just a venue change...i just saw the concert listings on the
wedge and it's got the th date for the seventeenth with the venue listed
as tba...

if it was totally cancelled it would be a shame...

(think positive thoughts think positive thoughts think positive...)

optimistically yours.

(and yes elaine, i did see yr video request)