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Re: Re:Wedge/Elaine/Plumtree?

On Sat, 11 Oct 1997, Catherine Moore wrote:
> (and yes elaine, i did see yr video request)
>  > 

I caught your request too Elaine at the end of the Wedge.(so they 
actually read e-mail requests...hmmm...methinks its about time for a Jale 

I remember Carol N. mentioning that Plumtree were going to be on the Wedge.
Were they? If they were, it must have been during the first 13 minutes of 
the program because that's precisely when I turned the Wedge on. Ahh too bad.

The Luna segment was pretty nifty though. And I finally saw the video for 
`Slash Your Tires'. On a related Luna note, I recently picked up a Luna 
cassette `Bewitched' for about 2 bucks at Walmart of all places!

Ok, I got off track for a second, so sue me!