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A friend of mine, who is normally and reliably esconsed within "The Loop"
noted that, to his knowledge, Sloan had in fact recently  inked something
with Virgin as an Americal deal. I stated that I doubted this to be the
case -- But I thought I would put it to the group.

Does my friend speak with Mendacity, or Veracity? Confirm or Deny? Does
anyone know anything ? (As per this specific topic, I mean, and not in
broader exsistential terms.)

	And when are Thrush Hermit coming back through America?

And Happy Thanksgiving -- However, for those of us in America, it's "Happy
Columbus Day" -- although, I wonder if members of America's First Nations
are busy wishing  each other a "Crappy White Man with Bad Intentions and
Worse Directions Day"

James Rocchi
Editor, GroovePlanet
(408) 477-4480 ex. 124