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predicting it's sydney

hi hi hi :)

1.  Plumtree will be on the Wedge (on Much Music) this week.  I believe 
the Wedge is now on Saturday/Sunday at midnight EDT.  Set your VCRs 

2.  Bad week for live music in Kitchener-Waterloo - sparesely attended 
shows, and the Hermits cancelling.  

3.  Plumtree played at the Korova Cafe last night.  Ended too early, but 
it was a lot of fun :)  They got everyone on their feet and most of us 
were "dancing" (in my case I use that term very loosely).  Mostly songs 
off of _Plumtree Predicts the Future_, they threw in "Tropical", "The 
Phone, The Phone", and a new song (which they dedicated to me because I 
didn't know it :) heehee).  They have matching glasses to show off to the 
audience too :)  Despite the lacklustre attendance, they made a good 
effort to perform well.  The vocals were good, as was the playing.  
Catriona told us a joke too :) Hurray Plumtree!

4.  The Inbreds headlined at Mrs. Robinson's in Kitchener on Monday 
night.  I've said it before and I'll say it again - the new songs are 
GREAT! :)  Couple of minor and very small mistakes, but Dave and Mike 
gave a good performance dispite poor attendance.  And they had the light 
show happenin'! :)  A lot of new songs balanced with songs from _It's 
Sydney or the Bush_, and a couple from _Kombinator_ ("Amelia Earhart", 
"Any Sense of Time", "You Will Know") and _Hilario_ ("Matterhorn").  
Another song dedication too.  Woo-hoo!  (..they even recommend my 
"publication" _in the meantime..._, which given its longevity yet 
pathetically low numbers, must be reaching cult status ;) ) (this has been a 
self-promotional moment.)  I must admit, I am a fan of the duo 
arrangement of the Inbreds, rather than the inclusion of an additional 
player.  Vocals and playing were in fine form.  New album out in the new 
year, and a murderecords single... soon?

Have a happy Thanksgiving, fellow Canadians and happy Columbus Day 
weekend (? does anyone actually say that?) to our American friends :)

			...sizzle teen

      carol nishitoba  :)   3B E.R.S., co-op   ccnishit\!/fes.uwaterloo.ca    
                Poster Girl Records & _in the meantime..._ zine