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Re: TH in Waterloo cancelled

hi kidz,

> >I just called the University of Waterloo Federation of Students and 
> they
> >told me that the Thrush Hermit/Local Rabbits matinee at the Bombshelter
> >this Saturday has been CANCELLED. Shitty.

> Does anyone know if this is just an isolated cancelation or is it wide 
> spread, ie Windsor on the Friday night.  Thanks.

I believe this is an isolated situation.  I also believe someone finally 
looked at a map and realized that the University of Waterloo is NOT in 
London, Ontario.  Sheesh.

Here's the theory: the Hermits were scheduled to play a matinee show at 
the University of Waterloo (in Waterloo, Ontario) this Saturday.  The 
same night, they are playing the Embassy, in London, Ontario.  If you 
visit their website (http://www.thrushhermit.com) they have U of Waterloo 
listed as being in London.  Someone must have screwed up what city the 
University of Waterloo is located in...  I've had a sneaking suspicion 
they didn't know what they were up to, because I didn't see how they 
could do a matinee show in Waterloo, and drive to London in time for 
soundcheck and stuff (these cities are about 1.5 hrs apart)

Any chance of them playing here when they're returning to Halifax?

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