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Re: Toronto Plumtree Info?

> hey does anyone have any info on the plumtree show on Friday in toronto,
> like the ticket prices, when the doors open, is it all ages etc etc.
first of all, the friday show is not the only one. Plumtree are playing New
Music Night at the Horseshoe (on Queen St.) Tuesday night. I believe the
tuesday show starts between 9 -10pm & its free.
	correct me if i'm wrong but isn't it the *club* shanghai? i know that it
said *cafe* on the tour dates but i'm pretty sure they meant club (although
i could be wrong, phone & make sure). the *club* shanghai is on spadina
ave. i don't know the number but it is ontop of a grocery store & you have
to take an elevator to the third floor (i haven't been there myself but
i've been told about it) . i don't think its all-ages :(
	you can go to the NOW site (http://www.now.com/) and they should have the
phone number & address for the club so you may want to try calling.
hope this helps :)
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