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Toronto Plumtree Info!!

At 08:22 PM 10/6/97 -0400, Jessica wrote:
>> hey does anyone have any info on the plumtree show on Friday in toronto,
>> like the ticket prices, when the doors open, is it all ages etc etc.
>first of all, the friday show is not the only one. Plumtree are playing New
>Music Night at the Horseshoe (on Queen St.) Tuesday night. I believe the
>tuesday show starts between 9 -10pm & its free.
>	correct me if i'm wrong but isn't it the *club* shanghai? i know that it
>said *cafe* on the tour dates but i'm pretty sure they meant club (although
>i could be wrong, phone & make sure). the *club* shanghai is on spadina
>ave. i don't know the number but it is ontop of a grocery store & you have
>to take an elevator to the third floor (i haven't been there myself but
>i've been told about it) . i don't think its all-ages :(

Jessica's right: it is called Club Shanghai (I should know - I've been there
often enough). The club is located on top of a Chinese grocery store at 247
Spadina Ave. That would be about a block or so south of Dundas St. on the
east side of Spadina, and you should see the Shanghai marquee right above
the door. I doubt that the Plumtree show is all-ages since it's a bar, but
you can call the club at: (416) 593-8498. Plumtree is playing with Slowgun
and Neck that night, and the cover is $5 at the door. And it's their CD
release, so don't miss it!