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records you might be interested in

I got this off the indiepop-l list but I thought maybe some of you 
would be interested. 

The following items are available through an auction(as well as a tonne more
of indie/indiepop releases).

The guy's URL is http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Lounge/5970

I was also wondering whether anyone has heard of the Eric's Trip 7"'s below
because I am not familiar with them. Thanks.

eric's trip-opening song (summershine 45)
eric's trip-hurt (sub pop 205)

various-never mind the molluscs (sub pop 84/255) feat. sloan, jale, eric's
trip and idee du nord

ps. I'm not sure what the 84/255 means in brackets regarding the `never 
mind the molluscs' ep. Does it perhaps mean number 84 of only 255 copies 
manufactured? That doesn't sound right but if that is what it means I 
feel lucky that I actually got a copy!