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Re: The Jennifer Pierce / CBC show?

alt.rawk. <bkroez\!/interlog.com> had this to say about Re: The Jennifer Pierce / CBC show?

}yes. plantinum is not only rumoured to be the Jenny Pierce show, it really
}is. Sunday oct.12 at 8:00pm EST. its a two hour pilot & its directed by
}bruce mcdonald (hard core logo). ummm...they want to turn it into a tv
}serise & i think its about a punk band who's about to sign to a lable.

Just to be picky (against my usual nature, I won't correct your 
spelling errors) I'd like to point out that Oct 12th is still under 
Daylight time, not Standard (Spring ahead, Fall back!).  Except in 
Saskatchewan, of course, but "My Canada Excludes Saskatchewan" 
(somebody, please ask me to explain that one).

Can anyone confirm the Halifax air time as 9pm ADT (or for that 
matter, Greenwich, and I'll figure it out myself)?

Any opinions on whether Hard Core Logo is worth seeing (missed it at