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Re: the inbreds

>speaking of the inbreds,
>i was just wondering if there
>re-releases on murderecords contain
>any different tracks or some sort of bonus...

Unfortunatly there are no new songs on the re-releases, but there is
different artwork if you'd go that far to buy it for that! The new album
will be out sometime this winter and from the four or five songs I've heard
so far it sounds like it will be really really great!

I can't remember them playing turn my head, but it was great to hear Amelia
Earhart, I don't think I've ever heard that live before.  The light show was
indeed a real treat.  For those of you still in line to see The Inbreds and
Wooden Stars, the light show alone is worth it all! 
Also, I haven't heard much talk about about the brand new 7" on summershine
records.  I didn't get it, but Dave said it was a different version of
reason why I'm shy.  

Take care everyone!