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Re: HOM - the last show

here's my take on the last show:

Vees - a mediocre jale cover band. was this supposed to be a new direction?
       i liked 2 of the songs they played, but nothing special...and if
       Mike from the Rome Plows hadn't been up there it would have been 
       even more miserable. 

Number One Cup - BLAM! a full-on bass/drum heavy band. pretty crunchy stuff
                 very energetic. 

Rascalz - lame lame lame. Did anyone go to the Haltown Meltdown 2 years
          ago???? Any of those local acts could have kicked the rascalz
          off the stage. They got what was left of the crowd moving I guess.
          I guess some people just move when the act tells them to? 
          Whatever. I'm not comparing these guys to P.E. and saying that
          they suck, I'm just remembering all the hip-hop/rap acts I've
          seen around here and the rascalz SUCK bigtime in comparison.

Sloan - they weren't billed - didn't bring their own instruments - 
        and like the last two years they probably
        played for free to help out. that doesn't excuse them from playing
        a crappy set, but IMO, they were great. GREAT. At least the old
        songs were great, the new ones were so close to '70's songs that
        i wish that they'd just play the damn cover instead ("Jailbreak" -
        Chris was even doing the siren sound!!!) Sloan were not tight, but
        they were fun to watch - Andrew was really going for it - flailing 
        away on fills and Chris made sure that everyone got a shot of his
        jump-kick  :)  Yes folks, I'm 26 yrs old.

        On the old songs - I've seen sooo many people complain about how
        sloppy Sloan plays (esp. this time 'round). But my feeling is that
        the songs they write can practically play themselves. So Sloan can
        be sloppy because the songs give them that latitude - and when
        Sloan play the songs note perfect is there really that much 
        difference in how much you enjoy it? Note perfect shows are 
        actually the Sloan shows that aren't as much fun because there's
        no band interaction. I think that Chris missed maybe 3 time 
        changes (OH MY GOD!!!!!) and he knew it and it was like a joke
        among the band. I dunno. It's as if everyone wanted note perfect
        and serious when this set was just meant to be a fun live rehearsal.

        On the old songs - I can't believe all the praise that Thrush
        Hermit gets for playing cheese-whiz, and when Sloan play some
        cheese, they get panned and people are upset because Patrick 
        does a geetar solo. I didn't really love the new stuff, mainly
        because of the ripped off intros. I'd be thinking that they were
        doing a cover, but then realize that it was a slightly altered
        version of the song I was thinking of. So, yeah some of the new
        stuff sounds like 70's Q-104. Take it/leave it. Just don't praise
        Thrush Hermit for playing second rate versions of the same stuff.
	Almost as bad as the *praise* that the monoxides get for their
	posing. Sloan play some 70's stuff and they suck shit and these
	other bands...bla bla bla...

        ps - The Good in Everyone is really New York by the Sex Pistols -
             chop the first 15 seconds off each song and see for yerself.

Yo La Tengo - never heard them before. Was very very impressed. Moments
              of brilliance - actually songs of brilliance - esp. the
              slower ones. I find a lot of monotony in their set with
              2/3's of the songs being "2 minutes of actual structured
	      music, then 7 minutes of chaotic guitar wrestling, then
     	      2 more minutes of structured music". I liked most of it.

pps - if they really wanted to give a big f*** you to th audience,
      what they would have done was play their 5 new songs and leave.

mike g.