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oh little birdy

Well, i have enjoyed a lot of the differing opinions on HOM this year, so i
thought I would toss in my $0.02 (and that is really what it is worth,
seeing as I only went to two shows)

*Neko Case, Little Orton Hogget & his Ten Cent Wings*

Neko can sing, thats for sure. Seeing matt murphy strutt his stuff on the
ge-tar just made me think...goodbye, superfriendz, hello glorious side
projects (i didn't see flashinglights, but I heard they were pretty cool).
When I scanned her album, I thought that it was OK...but seeing her live,
and irony of so many young hipsters diggin' lorita lynn and the Acuff-Rose
songbook threw me over the edge...and when she danced, the harmonica player
(any names?) tore the roof off that mf. i mean, now i really want Little
Orton to record some shite.

*Ron Sexsmith and his two amigos*

I am still trying to figure out if this was the best musical moment of my
life, but I keep flashing back to my first rock concert with April Wine,
when Corey Hart didn't show, at the Old Sydney Forum (he said
sarcastically). But seriously, that was a magical moment at the Blues
Corner. Maybe it is because I have been playing his LP's non-stop for the
last few months or something, but he seemed to ooze greatness. Not that
Sexsmith is such a rockin' kind of guy, but he seemed to know how to turn
up the heat a few notchs LIVE compared to his recordings. It was that kind
of balance and the 'bang on' percussion (pardon my pun) that did it for me.

His choice of covers were neat to...Cohen's HEART WITH NO COMPANION from
his Interscope Debut, Gordon Lightfoots SUN DOWN (which just seemed perfect
for the encore), and an early Dylan tune...does anyone recall what it was?
I thought I was a well behaved Dylan fan until I could not place that one.

I also heard that the crowd was really sucked at the grand finale...maybe
not in numbers, but  in being void of any interactivity. perhaps, that is
why Sloan were not top notch.

anyhoo, the only negative thing I am going to say (and who the heck am i to
be so opinionated?) is that from 'gandering' at the schedule I did not get
a strong feeling that the talent was well representative of the East Coast.
Halifax, maybe, but the East...I don't know. Maybe that was not the goal,
but I know there are some bands floating around NFLD, CB, and PEI that
could have reared their collective ugly heads and people would have been
entertained...but then again, you cannot please everyone, can you? at least
we can start to talk turkey...

the end
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