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Re: festival low-lights.


I must've been the only one completely charmed by Halifax and all it had to
offer, including a great set by Sloan with 5 new songs.  Now, admittedly, I
don't get to see Sloan that much in the States, so seeing them pick their
noses or stand up peeing would be enough for me some days.  But I am also way
unimpressed with 99% of everything that happens musically on a daily basis,
so whatever...

Anyway, highlights for me included a most inspired an excellent Neko Case set
with Matt & Chris, et al backing her up, The Ladybug Transistor playing a gay
transvestite bar with their flute and Farfisa assault, picking up the entire
Susan Jacks recorded output on 7" at Taz, taking the ferry to Dartmouth and
some Value Village shopping, The Vees and Sloan in a wonderfully majestic old
hotel ballroom, of course.

The most awful things were the painfully bad Number One Cup set, the faux old
school put your hands in the air frat boy posturing of the Rascalz, and this
thing I discovered at 3AM called the Donair slice, ack.  If you can't say
anything nice, I 'spose.

Honorable mentions: The Inbreds, the bloody mary I downed at a place around
the corner from Lord Nelson, Admiral, Syrup USA (despite some horrid sound),
and the Cafe Mokka Sunday night after show party (what I can remember of it).

I know, I'm such a tourist.

March Records HQ
Chicago, IL USA

p.s. Maybe I'll have something significant to add on the SFZ break up among
other things when my head clears up a bit more....