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>Ok, I'm going to be the first to come right out and say it.  SLOAN >WERE

I fully agree, that show was terrible....still, i have to wonder how much
of it had to do with being rushed because of the rascalz being so late

>What was all the Hype over Richard Davies about too??  His twangy >voice
did nothing for me.  

i thought he was pretty good myself, and i kept thinking "this song will
sound so great once he puts a band behind it" (which he kept mentioning he
was doing)

>I found him very rude to the crowd too, hardly acknowlegding our
>presence.  I think people were too polite to get up and leave.

REALLY? wow....i thought the opposite. from what i can remember, hetalked
to the crowd more than any other act i saw all wekend, and i felt very
welcome and comfortable listening to him. plus i loved hearing him talk
with the accent! so yeah, i thought he was good, but he still didn;t
compoare to the Julie/wooden stars set....Julie, with them as a backing
band, combined with the amazing acoustice of Wormwoods made it probably the
best sound i have ever heard....when they harmonized in "condescending you"
it sent shivers down my back

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