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Re: festival low-lights.

james covey wrote:
> >Ok, I'm going to be the first to come right out and say it.  SLOAN WERE
> >BAD. 

> i don't think you're alone in that sentiment. 

I wasn't there but.....

The last two shows I saw...(st.andrews in Detroit a few months ago &
Toledo 2 1/2 weeks ago) were both lame...

The Toledo show was inexcusable..Thrush Hermit played their set &
absolutely rocked...sound was good(thanks Brendan!!) & they had  a
desire to perform...

Sloan came on, had shitty sound(Brendan?) were too loud for the room &
played an utterly lackadaisical set...I liked a bit of the new
songs(what I could hear above the lo-midrange drone) but they generally
acted like they just didn't care how they sounded....I'm baffled...they
write such great songs & record them & then have such disregard for
their very dedicated fans...

They still seem to be nice guys...I enjoyed talking with Andrew before
the set & Chris came by & said hi but......my patience is wearing...

RCB<----also angry that Inbreds/Wooden Stars are playing in Detroit the
same night Thrush Hermit is in Windsor....