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message from catriona plumtree...

>Hello James,
>Its Catriona from Plumtree asking you if you could pass something along
>to sloannet for us.  We'd like to post our tour dates, or what we have so
>far, and you seem like the guy to get in touch with.
>Fri Oct 3	Halifax		HMV (Instore, All ages, FREE)
>Sat Oct 4	Halifax		Cafe Mokka (CD RELEASE, Much FUN!) $3 -
>				  or roll a dice....
>Tue Oct 5	Toronto		Horseshoe (not an actual Plumtree show,
>				but will be playing some)
>Thu Oct 9	Kitchener	Karova Cafe
>Fri Oct 10 	Toronto 	Cafe Shangai (CD release - this is the
>				  show to go to in toronto, if you had to
>				  But why pick - why not go
>				  to both?)
>Mon Oct 13	Thunder Bay	The Outpost, Lakehead U
>Wed Oct 15	Saskatoon	Amigo's
>Fri Oct 17	Vancouver	Picadily Pub
>Sat Oct 18	Victoria	Limit
>Mon Oct 20	Banff		Boot Pub
>Thu Oct 23 	Lethbridge	U of Lethbridge
>Fri Oc 24	Calgary		Night Gallery
>These are the confirmed shows so far.  The rest of our tour looks like
>Thrush Hermits, except that our shows are tentative.
>If someone from OTTAWA, or anywhere else would like to put on a show for
>us they should call
>Cinnamon Toast at (902)429-9182.  If someone from OTTAWA, or anywhere
>else knows some place we should be looking into for a show they should
>also feel free to call or email.
>Here are some other general Plumtree questions someone might have the
>answer to:
>What is the address/phone number for the MezzaLuna cafe in Kelowna?
>When will Walter get his staple gun back?
>Oh, and the last news is that "Scott Pilgrim" the first video for
>"Plumtree predicts the future" directed by our very own Walter Forsythe
>was not recommended for any kind of rotation on Much Music so if
>anyone is compelled to request it they should act on those feelings
>because that is how is can get played.
>Thanks all,
>from Catriona
>Plumtree: av603\!/chebucto.ns.ca
>Cinnamon Toast: ah666\!/ccn.cs.dal.ca