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>> I fully agree, that show was terrible....still, i have to wonder how much
>> of it had to do with being rushed because of the rascalz being so late
>but sloan could have easily played a shorter set....they *weren't* 
>actually billed, right?
>i really hope they pull up their collective pants and tighten up their 
>live shows. i have to agree with the people who say that it was the worst 
>sloan show they've ever seen!

true enough...I mean the last time i saw them was last spring, and they
were pretty darn good (although the violently moshing crowd was a big pain
in the ass)...I mean simple things could have made the set so much better,
like even sound for each mic and turning it all down just a bit....it still
would have been a lazy set, but it wouldn't have sounded so terrible...I
just kept thinking "if this was the first time i saw Sloan, I would think
they suck". probably the worst show of the whole weekend. anyway we've
bitched enough about that so i guess we'll just hope it gets better?
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