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Thrush Hermit rocked!!!!

That's what was on tap last night in Sydney, CB. The
Hermit made their way from Halifax in their rockin'
motorhome to play at the Pit Lounge at UCCB.
Opening up for them were Sydney's own Mastadon Ridge.
Playing one of the best sets that I heard from them in a long time, The Ridge were
definfitly on playing old
favorites like Weezer along with the new material that
has yet to be recorded. I believe they even debued(sp)
a brand new song!  Carter (the bassist) recorded it
off the board with a two track.  Hopefully there'll
be a new recording out soon, but until then we'll all
have to listen to their 7" (which I noticed you could
purchase at Sam's on Barrington, I HIGHLY reccommend
Then the Hermit hit the stage, Glowing neon sign in
place, the boys started off with the highly-praised
"uneventful". What a great song!
They continued, playing mostly songs off of Sweet Home-
wrecker, Although they did go back a little ways to
play a requested "All Dressed Up". They ended their set 
with "Patriot", but that would not be the end of the 
show. The 70 of us that were there demanded an encore,
and they complied. They returned to the stage to play
"25 Alright". Then Ian passed the bass over to Rob,
picked up the mic and went into a wild, fun rendition
of "Jailhouse Rock". That's right, The elvis song.
Definitly the most fun I've had at a gig in a while.
And A side note to those attending the rest of the 
tour: yell out "Hotdog!!!!" Tell em a Caper told ya to
Do it! :)

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