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Well, it seems that SOMEONE else has seen now that Sloan are not the pop 
Gods that people have made them out to be.  I'd like to thank the person 
who left the show in the middle of Sloans' set and mumbled while passing 
by me "man this sux, they're not even good, everyone's awing them soo 
much".  Oh well, they weren't billed for the gig and every band has it's 
bad gigs, they were off a bit, or one could say, just left of center lol :D

	THe Be$$er!

ps I'm being scummy, but YES I do like some of Sloans' music, feel free 
to flame me at canales\!/roo.unixnet.org, thank you.

On Thu, 2 Oct 1997, Shant Pelley wrote:

> On Wed, 1 Oct 1997, Jason Miller wrote:
> > >Ok, I'm going to be the first to come right out and say it.  SLOAN >WERE
> > BAD.  
> > 
> > I fully agree, that show was terrible....still, i have to wonder how much
> > of it had to do with being rushed because of the rascalz being so late
> but sloan could have easily played a shorter set....they *weren't* 
> actually billed, right?
> i really hope they pull up their collective pants and tighten up their 
> live shows. i have to agree with the people who say that it was the worst 
> sloan show they've ever seen!
> cheers,
> shant