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Ok, I'm going to be the first to come right out and say it.  SLOAN WERE 
BAD.  Well, maybe not so much bad as boring.  Chris's voice was very 
scratchy, and none of them looked like they were having any fun.  Maybe 
it's because they weren't familiar with their new songs, but I actually 
left during the show to go to Dairy Queen.  I think anyone just going to 
that show to see sloan would have been very disappointed.

What was all the Hype over Richard Davies about too??  His twangy voice 
did nothing for me.  I found him very rude to the crowd too, hardly 
acknowlegding our presence.  I think people were too polite to get up and 

My highlights from HOM were Julie-as always, the Rascalz- I don't even 
really like hip hop, but the were the only group at the finale to get the 
crowd really moving, Plumtree-I hadn't seen them for a while and they 
blew me away, Thrush Hermit-amazing, the only show that gave me bruises, 
Ron Sexsmith-Wow!  i'd never heard any of his stuff before. wow! 

I still can't remember all the shows, so that might not be the extent of it.

Shannon (who's ears are still ringing)