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festival low-lights.

>Ok, I'm going to be the first to come right out and say it.  SLOAN WERE
>BAD.  Well, maybe not so much bad as boring.  Chris's voice was very
>scratchy, and none of them looked like they were having any fun.  Maybe
>it's because they weren't familiar with their new songs, but I actually
>left during the show to go to Dairy Queen.  I think anyone just going to
>that show to see sloan would have been very disappointed.

i don't think you're alone in that sentiment.  that was definitely
the worst sloan show i've ever seen.  they were the "surprise" band
all right.  it wasn't a surprise that they played, it was a surprise
that they put on the worst performance at the festival.  and the limpest.
and easily the most cynical.  excruciatingly bad versions of
old songs.  embarrassing new ones -- bad ripoffs of bad bands.  the
only consolation was afterwards -- yo la tengo are great to listen
to when you're depressed.

memo to sloan -- don't let this kiss/acdc/cheaptrick phase happen.
stop it now before it's too late.  or if it's too late, maybe
not just the show but the next album should be unbilled too.

and now i'm going to stop writing about this before i get
depressed all over again.

>What was all the Hype over Richard Davies about too??  His twangy voice
>did nothing for me.  I found him very rude to the crowd too, hardly
>acknowlegding our presence.  I think people were too polite to get up and

whatever was happening for a few select people wasn't happening for
me either i'm afraid, based on the couple of songs i caught.  and i
really like the album.

thank god for the wooden stars.  and for julie doiron and the wooden stars.
wooden stars are the *shit*.  deeply, pervasively, and transparently.

to all of you who are wondering what's up with matt murphy --
yes, he's working on his own project, a guitar-bass-drums trio
where he will sing and play all his own songs.  it's been in
the works for some time.

to all who e-mailed me -- sorry i haven't been keeping up.
HoM.  i'll catch up this weekend.


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