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HoM, some Plumtree stuff too

hey y'all :)

since i've been whining and complaining for people to post their reviews 
of the Pop Ex/HoM for the last few years, it's only fair that i say 
something about the festival myself :)  But i'm going to be slightly 
vague since i'm saving the good stuff for my zine :)

In general, i wasn't very familiar with most acts i saw.  But i was 
impressed with about 80% of them.  Hurray!  Good stuff from State Champs 
(new CD EP available), Syrup USA, Lady Bug Transistor, Yo La Tengo (VERY 
impressed, esp since i'm unfamiliar with them), Vees, Rascalz, Deadly 
Snakes, Julie Doiron and Number One Cup.  

Saw the bittersweet end to Rebecca West.  They ended with a cover, where 
the chorus contained words along the lines of "you don't need to worry 
about me anymore", and the tempo was slower.  Song ends, Alison gives 
Lucas a big hug.  *sniff*

I also really, really liked the Inbreds' set.  They played really well, 
and the new songs sound fantastic!!  Their "light show" was cool too :)

Being a kid from Ontario, i totally dug Sloan's set :)  heehee.  I am so 
proud of the kids from Halifax - band members step on the stage, the 
crowd does not go wild.  Band starts playing, the kids DID NOT mosh.  The 
new songs kinda reminded me of 70s-ish rock, slightly blues-tinged.  i 
liked it.....  Besides, Jay was totally on the ball during that set.  And 
it was nice to see Andrew singing from behind the drumkit.

Non-official HoM event of Piggy playing at Dio Mio on Friday 
night/Saturday morning could be my fave show of the weekend :)  Fun fun fun!

Festivities ended at Cafe Mokka with Soaking Up Jagged (Chuck Austin on 
geetar.  He looks different when playing guitar.  Seriously.  Band is 
pretty good, except frontman lacking stage presence), and the Flashing 
Lights (Matt Murphy strangely dressed.  Whuzzup wit dat?  But it was fun 
for all on the dance floor :) ).

Plumtree stuff...

oh, i also saw them at HoM at Cafe Ole.  What a scary place!  It's on the 
second floor of a building, and there were kids moshing and the floor was 
bouncing as well!!!!!  Ahhhh!!  I seriously thought i was going to die!  
But they played well :)

Anyhoo, their CD _Predicts the Future_ is available in Halifax, but the 
rest of the country has to wait until the 5th.  A quick revie:  since I've 
seen Plumtree a lot in the last year, i was familiar with most of the 
songs.  They're much more rockin' (louder?) and less poppier sounding 
than on _Mass Teen Fainting_.  The songs also sound rawer somehow.  
Re-recorded versions of "Fatherhood" and "Scott Pilgrim" (I like the 7" 
versions better).  I can't stop listening to this CD :)

Also, after the Wooden Stars' set at Wormwoods on Saturday, they played 
the video for "Scott Pilgrim".  Request it ASAP!!  It's cute (Carla and 
Amanda standing around singing the song in some frames) and funny (split 
into two cars racing one another.  Check out the bad-ass attitude! ;) ).  
A must see!!!!!

Don't even get me started on the Super Friendz...

				...sizzle teen

p.s.  someone posted Thrush Hermit tour dates.  One show that was missing 
is an ALL-AGES matinee show in Waterloo on October 11 (same day as 
London!?!?!).  I (finally!) have more info, so contact me if you haven't 
all ready and want it :)

      carol nishitoba  :)   3B E.R.S., co-op   ccnishit\!/fes.uwaterloo.ca    
                Poster Girl Records & _in the meantime..._ zine