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Plumtree schedule

Okay, here is the list of the Plumtree tour that Cinnamon Toast and
Plumtree sent out in their press kit for the newest cd.  Empty dates are
travel days.  They hook up with Thruh from Sault Ste. Marie all the way
out west.  Some of the TBAs are probably announced by now, since this list
is from last week and the tour starts on Saturday.  I know squat all about
the TH dates except that they are in Winnipeg the same day as Plumtree
(and they are in every other western city the same day).  The last time
these two bands toured together SFZ were there.  *sigh*  The new album
rocks and this tour should too.  But, I thought the gals were all in uni?
Have they adopted a new slacker attitude?

Sat Sept 27 Halifax	Cafe Ole	w/Pansy Division
Fri Oct 3   Halifax	HMV		instore release
Sat Oct 4    "          Cafe Mokka	Halifax release
Mon Oct 6   Quebec?	TBA
Tues Oct 7  Toronto 	Horseshoe	Pixies night (?!?!)
Wed Oct 8   Ottawa?     TBA
Thurs Oct 9 Kitchener	Karova Cafe	probably Henry
Fri Oct 10  Toronto	Cafe Shanghai	w/ Slowgun, Neck (CDreleaseagain)
Sat Oct 11  Windsor	TBA
Sun Oct 12  The Soo	Stonewalls	w/ Thrush Hermit
Mon Oct 13  ThunderBay  Outpost/Lakeheadw/ Thrush
Tue Oct 14  Winnipeg    Royal Albert 	YAY!!!!!!!!!
Wed Oct 15  Saskatoon	Amigo's		Thrush
Fri Oct 17  Vancouver	Picadilly Pub	Thrush
Sat Oct 18  Victoria	Limit		Thrush
Mon Oct 20  Whistler	Boot Pub	Thrush
Tues Oct 21 Banff	Wild Bills	Thrush
Wed Oct 22  Jasper	Pete's		Thrush
Thur Oct 23 Lethbridge	UofL		Thrush
Fri Oct 24  Calgary	Night Gallery	Thrush
Sat Oct 25  Edmonton	Rebar		Thrush
Sun Oct 26  TBA	(if they drive really fast they can come back to winnipeg)
Tue Oct 28  ThunderBay  Millenium	Thrush

Wed Oct 29 until Sat Nov 8 they're with Jale places TBA.