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Re: Yo La Tengo

> On Tue, 30 Sep 1997, Andrew Robinson wrote:
> > Did anyone get a bootleg of Yo La Tengo?  Would they be interested in a
> > trade or money?  Also could someone post the set list from their shows at
> > HOM, just out of personnel interest. 
> >  

 Yo La Tengo was so amazing!!! All of the EC bands that I also love paled
just the slightest in comparison. Here's selected songs they played that I
can remember...and I only know songs from ElectroPura and ICHTHBAO, but
they played a lot more great songs that I didn't recognize.

Both nights: Sugarcube
             Autumn Sweater
             Deeper Into Movies

Saturday: Shadows
          Centre of Gravity
          Blue Line Swinger...pure genius!
          Tom Courtney
          and others that I can't remember now.

Sunday: Stockholm Syndrome
        Little Honda
        False Alarm       
        I Heard you Looking...worth the price of the plane ticket alone.
        and so many others that I could remember just a few minutes ago.

ps. What happened between Georgia and Ira at Friday nights show?  She
threw her water bottle in his general direction and had to be persuaded to
keep playing.

 Was anyone else surprised at how loud and heavy Number One Cup were? 
I didn't expect them to sound like an AmRep band and trash the stage
during Astronaut...but they were excellent all the same, just wish I could
have heard the vocals.