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Re: Plumtree

On Tue, 30 Sep 1997, Victor Canales wrote:

> 	Is anyone gonna share their thoughts on HOM? 

i think i've mellowed out with age. i enjoyed the more mellow acts for 
the most part, and found myself catching specific shows instead of 
sticking out whole evenings.
i'd say for me, the highlight of the festival was a tie between ron 
sexsmith (who i had the privelidge to see solo last summer as well) and 
julie doiron's performance.
ron just exhudes such incredible songwriting skills...and just how the 
hell does he make that acoustic guitar wail like an electric for those 
julie was amazing...the wooden stars were the perfect touch for her 
music. the harmonies by all three vocalists was sheer magic! julie's come 
a long way...
other highlights included a quick pop set by moonsocket, an elevator to 
hell set with a few unreleased songs performed (and finally some of those 
astronavigation tapes surfaced in tara's merch casse ;), thrush hermit's 
pure rock performance (again, a few new killer tunes), plumtree's high 
energy performance (including the impromptu cover of "i love rock and 
roll" which they obviously hadn't done in awhile), pansy division who 
cast a spell over the guys at the front of the stage (and still didn't 
play the request they kept yelling for because they didn't remember the 
song), cool blue halo who are set to do some more recording soon (their 
new stuff is almost perfect power pop), richard davies who looked 
obviously nervous but did a fine job, the wooden stars (whose set i missed 
most of but caught about 3 songs...wow!), and the vees who made their 
performance debut (more or less) under the new moniker. they have it 
goin' on! mike b's vocals add a great dimension that was totally missing 
the grifters and yo la tengo get honorable mentions. i knew nothing by 
either band but enjoyed the shows. especially yo la's cover of "ant music"!
big disappointment for me was sloan. some of the new stuff sounds good, 
some i didn't get into. they sounded *very* unrehearsed.
still trying to catch up on sleep and failing tests at school,