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Re: Yo La Tengo

>ps. What happened between Georgia and Ira at Friday nights show?  She
>threw her water bottle in his general direction and had to be persuaded
>to keep playing.

yeah what was with that anyway? ah well, that's their business i
guess...still i was really worried they were gonna cut short or something

> Was anyone else surprised at how loud and heavy Number One Cup were? 
>I didn't expect them to sound like an AmRep band and trash the stage
>during Astronaut...but they were excellent all the same, just wish I
>could have heard the vocals.

I thought they were just amazing.. i was right by one of the speakers, so
it was really loud, but i thought the sound was so good that it dudn't
really matter....unlike Sloan, who sounded like shit. I think maybe they
must have been rushed with the whole Rascalz being late thing because the
instrument levels and vocals were way off for most of the set, and it was
way way too loud....i've seen them about 4 times or so and that was by far
the worst one...the new songs sounded great though, for what i could make out

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