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Indie Outing Navigation Bar

yeah finally a sloan vid clip. am i the only one who found this?
Title: Indie Outing Navigation Bar
Are you an Indie or an Outing? Ha ha ha... No, seriously folks, Indie Outing's on a serious mission to mine the music underground and spit up the gems for your listening pleasure. "Indie Outing\!/MTV" fills you in about the show. "Indie Outing\!/Online" gets into the indie music Web sites. Photos=tiny movies. 'Nuff said.
Josh Davis, a.k.a. DJ Shadow runs his own record label called Solesides records. Although the track we have from him here was put out on Mowax Recordings. Whatever the label, it's worth the download.
You've seen them on AMP, and now they make their grand debut on Indie Outing too. Future Sound Of London has always been into making their own videos, but this time out they let someone else create the pictures to go with the beats.

Sloan is a band from Canada, eh? They run their own label, Murder Records. The track we have for you here is called The Good in Everyone. Kind of a pleasant idea for a song, wouldn't you say?

Hey, by the way, did you know that Dimitri Ehrlich, the host of Indie Outing, has his own band?

They were featured on MTV Online's Out From Underground (look under "music") way back in the day.