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Re: chris murphy can read!

Davis <cpdc\!/north.nsis.com> had this to say about chris murphy can read!

}He said he likes biographies.
}Caught me by surprise too.
}>hey sloanfolks. i was reading some newsgroups, and i had mm on in the
}>background, when i heard people of the sky. turns out it's chris talking
}>about what he's read, etc. on word for word. he says mostly beatles stuff,
}>and names a bunch he's read and want's to read. anyway, i'm posting mostly
}>out of surprise cause i certainly wasn't expecting that. if you want more
}>details, well, maybe someone else saw it. :)

Uh, he has a B.A. in English ('90).  Dalhousie University's standards 
aren't the best in the world, I know a few Dal English grads (and 
wannabes), but I would expect that he can read. Especially 
considering the way he writes.

Are there people out there who actually don't read? (he asks 

Currently reading Vonnegut (only 5 novels to go),