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RE: Queen's

	mystique isn't the right word to describe it...but if you take the
Superfriendz, Thrush Hermit, The Inbreds and Sloan together...i dunno, i
get to wondering what makes Sloan so much more popular...i figured it had
something to do with how like each member of Sloan writes/plays/sings songs
and it is pretty widely known that they do so...cause before i used to
think Sloan was way better than the others, or at least i liked them
more...but lately i've been thinking, and i'm not so sure...

>Just one question:  what mystique?  Am I missing something?  They are
>clever, musical, poppy, catchy, original, cute (so says my girlfriend), but
>I never would have said mysterious...what do you mean, ryan?  I'm curious.
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