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Re: As an absolute Non-Sequitur .....

	uhmm, i am really liking the Hermit more and more since i bought SH just a
little bit ago....At My Expense, Puerto Rico and the one where it goes "Let
them go at it and let's see which one will win" are so great...they are
playin at Toucan in Kingston on the 4th for only $2!!....wow...one bad
thing is that i don't have the Great Pacific Ocean EP yet...i have a
feeling i'm missing out on some of their best songs because of that...I
also got email back from Cliff, who said it was cool if i bootlegged the
show....long live the Hermit!!!  (sad Superfriendz reference...)

	Is the graphic resemblance between the back of "Sweet Homewrecker"
>and the back of "Nebraska" intentional? And if so, why?
>	I've been digging Sweet Homewrecker very, very much as of late --
>much, much more than when I initially heard it.
>	Plans for next record? Are TH tied with Pluto in the "Which Very
>Good band will get dumped from their American Deal First" sweepstakes ('96
>winner, Weeping Tile) ?
>	Curious, James

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