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Re: the super friendz are breaking up.

>confirmed by murderecords, folks.

NO NO NO NON NON NYET NOOOOOOO! *sob* *wail* Someone slap me and wake me up
from this nightmare puleeze. To make things worse, my brother is blasting
Slide Show right now on the stereo *fights back tears* 

Anyway, I thought I'd bring at least a bit of joy and happiness in saying
that tonight in T.O at the El Mocambo there is a celebrity auction goin'
down. And yuppers, an autographed OCTA promo pic is up for grabs
(autographed by all the guys) as well as a Twice Removed cassette. You can
go down to the El yourself to bid, or bid at the website (it's for an animal
rights group thing) - http://www.vex.net/aac/mag/auction.html - there's
tonnes of other stuff to bid on also (all posted at the site). I'm too
depressed to go now :(


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