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SFZ Memories

	I remember hearing the opening of "Mock Up, Scale Down," and
thinking, "This is really nice."

How inextricably fixed the sound of "Whoah-ho-hohoho!" is in my mind.

	I remember Lil' Orton Hoggett and the 10-cent wings singing a song
that went "Good Morning, America, How are you ..." While Jennifer Pierce
looked on, singing along, emotions I can't describe visible on her face at
the 95 HPE.

	Same year, Matt in a tight-tight-tiny Grasshopper shirt for the SFZ
set, doing repeated drum-set leaps until they went from enthusiastic to
ironic and back again.

	Christmas 95, loaded, suit and tie at The Embassy in London,
standing in the crowd with my jaw dropped listening to Up and Running and
thinking "This is an amazing song, and I hope it still is when the liquor
wear off." Forming a reflection of a remembrance that stayed with me for a

	Late Spring, this year, getting an advance tape of Slide Show
passed off to me by Michael Barclay of Id and knowing that yeah, it was.

	How ineffably sad "Traces of You" was. And is.

James Rocchi
Editor, GroovePlanet