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''as an official delegate you will be *GUARANTEED*'' <guaranteed

actually, this statement only applies if you're 19 or above. *sigh* i 
was all worked up thinking i'd see thrush hermit tonight, but, after 
arguments and pleas and explanations i'm here at school rather than 
patiently waiting for TH. although, i can understand why i couldn't 
get in, 'cause if the liquor commission was on the sneak and i got 
caught there reflections would have been fined. but still, why does 
it say guaranteed enterance if, well, you're not?? ah well, i 
shouldn't complain too much 'cause at least i can see 
the wormwoods and lord nelson things that i was too broke to go to 
before. :)  (oh yeah, i won a delegate pass from ckdu 
this afternoon, and that's where all this is coming from. :P  perhaps that's ironic, seeing as how i'm on cfsm. but 
anyway, bless ckdu's dear little hearts.) which brings me to my next thinger. :)
ian mcgettigan and mike belitsky were awesome this afternoon! ckdu 
was giving away tickets and a delegate pass to people who dial quick 
and know answers. :) so anyway, i don't know how i remembered ckdu's 
phone number, 'cause i don't even know cfsm's. :P they were asking 
like, ''what was the name of the ckdu comp put out in the 80's'' or 
whatever, and ''name the band playing HoM from memphis'' (that's when 
i quickly dialed.) ian answered the phone and gosh he's so nice on 
the phone. :) so anyway, lala and stuff. joel and ian are playing 
with cheticamp tomorrow. 
now as for by divine right, they were great at their instore! i 
couldn't tell you what songs they played or how long they played for, 
but they were great. :) mike o'neill was there, as was matt murphy, 
and jay ferguson. then on the way home i saw joel plaskett and 
charles austin talking on the street. 
this was really long winded and probably didn't make much sense 
'cause i can't concentrate to formulate sensible sentences in these 
computer labs. :P
bye fer now.

it'll make you giddy as hell