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"I feel we're in for hard times...bad times are better for sure..."

After recently seeing Matt Murphy perform with "one-time only" side project
Copland, I made a crack that "if the SFZ should ever break up, Copland would
be a project that Matt could fall back on..." I'm firmly biting down on my
tongue this very moment, and I'm preparing to eat my words... 

I've only had the priviledged opportunity of seeing them twice - when they
opened for Sloan in March '97 and at the Poster Girl Record release party in
June. I had my first taste of the Friendz at the Sloan concert, and I was
instantly enthralled - i shelled out 15 bucks for Mock Up/Scale Down right
then and there at the gig. I was totally blown away by their performance at
the Poster Girl show - it was the perfect, intimate club setting and I had
the luck of being front and center. Fond memories of the show include having
Matt narrowly missing me by pointing the mic to the female audience next to
me, and having her sing into the mic infront of the crowd (which was a good
thing, because I can't sing for s***); hearing Matt tell off a crowd heckler
(Heckler:"YOU GUYS SUCK!!!" Matt:"NICE TURTLENECK F***HEAD!!" Ahh, words of
a master poet...); and having the wonderful opportunity of meeting and
schmoozing with Matt and Charles after the show. I've been a total Friendz
addict ever since. My only regret is that I didn't start liking them sooner. 

I consider the Super Friendz to be one of the most underrated bands to ever
emerge from the Canadian music scene, and it's a shame that they didn't
garner national stardom and attention like Sloan has. But in a way, it was
nice to not have a media frenzy surrounding the Super Friendz - it gave you
a good feeling knowing that you've discovered this "hidden gem" of a music
talent, and that their image was untainted and untouched by the mainstream.
You felt pity (and snickered at) those you knew who still blindly listened
to mainstream fluff, and had not yet "seen the ways" of the Friendz, and the
rest of the East Coast family.  We should be so fortunate as to have had the
opportunity and luck to have discovered and appreciated their music.

Hopefully, HOPEfully something new will emerge from this - a type of
resurrection a la Eric's Trip/Elevator to Hell or Jale/The Vees. Or perhaps
there will be another "rise from the dead" miracle a la Sloan. I strongly
urge all fellow SFZ addicts to go and besiege radio stations and Much Music
for requests to play their music. Perhaps beg Much Music on our hands and
knees to create a Spotlight for the Super Guys. Yes, I suppose we should
have been doing this earlier, but now is better than never.

Hopefully this is just a bad dream, or maybe perhaps a practical joke by the
Super guys (*slaps knee* "Aw, you crazy kids! You got us good this time!"
*guffaw*) But seriously, let us all hope that things will be resolved within
the group (whatever the problem(s) may be) and we can go on living in our
content little Super Friendz-filled lives. But if the break up is infact
carved in stone, I just hope the split is amicable, and that Matt, Drew,
Charles, and Lonnie continue to be active in the music scene in some way.
Best of luck to the four of you, whatever the turn out may be. 

*flicking Bic lighter to "Kiss the Land"*