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first reports from HOM

Its 5am, my hand is a bruise of entrance stamps. Saw the Rome Plows at 
reflections (missed Soaking Up Jagged, C. Austin now playing guitar?... 
performance schedule had been advanced 1/2 an hr). Lots of shouts of 
"take off your shirt" (cbc was taping), jazzy(instrumental)/angry(vocal), 
lots of boys bobbing their heads. Syrup USA at blues corner- spacey 
sounds for the 60s style glasses set. Seemingly young & sweet. Polyester 
pantsuit carried off well. Guy next to me danced expressively. Only 1 
dissonant song (at the end). Hate to admit it, kind of liked copyright. 
Arrogant & bitter? Its those striped RCMP pants.
  Thrush Hermit rocked vibrantly. Rob wore a cop hat & Ian sported a garish 
orange tank top, accented perfectly by the flash of the rock and roll 
sign (in the mirror behind them too, this was at, uh, reflections). North 
Dakota & Claim to lame among the standards. New songs with strong hooks.
Lots of fun with Nico Case at blues corner. Leather dress. Band & 
audience members alike sported cowboy hats. At 1 pt, nico sat on lil 
orton's back as he tried to climb into the drum kit(?). 10cent wings 
fairly subdued. henri fr euphonic played bass.  The Grifters (refl.) did 
a very long set, took requests for the encore (2 really amazing songs... 
I don't really know much about them)... apparently they did mostly songs 
fr their last lp (not their latest?), which surprised someone I know who 
knows more about them. 
  Afterhours at Dio Mio, Piggy & special effects (dancing bears?- one was 
pink & green), lots of fun, dance contest, fairly small.

tired already, k

PS instores tomorrow? heard number 1 cup. true?
PPS john bartlett is here. he's moving to TO on wed.