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"memories...what good are these?"

i just felt like sharing my assortment of sfz memories...

the free show at the garden auditorium: waiting to get
in, i started talking to some girls...they knew who sloan were but had no
idea who the sfz were, and the guy i was with had no idea they were even
playing before i told him! (blame the promotions--all the posters around
town and tix only mentioned the doughboys) finding the perfect tshirt
(small, good fit, brite yellow) and an old friend of mine at the merch
booth. standing front and center for the sfz, watching them perform the
songs i'd grown to love and ones i'd yet to. coming to the realization
that "machine green" is the most perfect song ever.

winning a vinyl copy of slide show on realtime, but buying the cd on the
first day it came out anyway. when my prize came in the mail, it was
personalized and autographed! so what if it was made out to yves
st.laurent? (did anybody else out there win a copy? was it the same

within five weeks, seeing the sfz twice--first at a 5000 capacity venue
for the modern rock circus, then at a tiny club for an all-ages show.

pulling out that vinyl record on friday night and putting it on my
turntable. even though i had it at the right speed, everything was slower
than it was on the cd, so every song seemed glum--even the uplifting ones.

     better than a poke in the eye?