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from calgary.  like superchunk.  apparently.

>Syrup USA

seana carmody from the swirlies does her new poppier thing.
stereolab lite, and not in a bad way.


as far as we can tell, someone from BMG must be sleeping
with one of the organizers.  :-)

>Soaking Up Jagged

art school band.  imagine mark from the fall singing lead
for an altered version of the cramps or mc5 with laura stein's
long-lost sister playing bass and you've got the basic idea.
surreal.  mannered.  disjointed.  rock.

>Teen Wolf

the latest wayne "guitar god of halifax" macpherson project.
more classic-rockish this time, apparently.

>Red Pony

from boston?


from toronto?


full-fledged un-ironic country band.  but on sub pop, so they
must be good, right?


jon from pest 5000 indulges his weird spacey side.  actually,
he only has weird sides.


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