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> And is Plumtree going to be playing an instore when the new cd is
> released? Or can it be bought now?

As a followup to the previous response Plumtree's CD is available
nationwide on October 4th (according to the press kit).  After the HMV
shindig in Halifax and a few shows around town Plumtree are embarking on a
cross-Canada tour with Thrush Hermit (I'm sure that you all know that
already though).  Then, they are planning a foray into the States in
November.  With the Vees apparently (what was Jale thinking when they came
up with that one?)

The new Plumtree disc is brilliant.  Absolutely no sophmore slump at all.
Everybody should buy it as soon as it hits the shelves.  And flood
MuchMusic with requests for the Scott Pilgrim video.

Later Skaters,