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film festival report...

the atlantic film festival is in full swing in halifax right now...

last night at the atlantic focus screening of the film festival,
they had to turn away more people than they let in, i think.


one of the films screened was "the worst date of my life" by
andrew murdoch, starring five foot nine's shannon cunningham
(she who starred in the jale video "ali") with a "cameo"
appearance by mr. colin mackenzie as "whistling guy in elevator."

not cool:

in order to get to see helen bredin's brilliant 4-minute short
"take the cake," which features, among others, paul from piggy
and sandy plotnikoff of "secret band" fame (and stars ckdu-fm's
own lisa morse, yay), we had to sit through a long (26 minutes!),
*tedious*, *sexist*, *offensive*, *boring*, *repulsive*, "short"
called "the ensigns" made by some delayed-adolescent males from
new brunswick who have clearly been deeply infected with the
tarantino disease that is threatening to destroy indie film as
we knew it.

anyway, the only reason i am mentioning this piece of shit is
that it featured not one, but *two* songs by the super friendz,
*with permission*.  very unfortunate.  wonder if they're doing
their own checking as to who's using their music these days.
bad choice, whoever it was that made it.

obviously one doesn't usually know what will befall a piece
of music when it's released for use by a filmmaker.  you
gotta trust people sometimes i guess.  it was misplaced
trust in this case.


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