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SFz & CoH


So yesterday I was at the edge building to see treble charger, but got
there too late and missed their performance. i got into the building though
to meet Rosie and Trevor. Trevor remembered me from their Mel Lastman
Square concert in August! Anyhow, the DJ announced that Change of Heart
were going to play an all-ages gig at the horseshoe at 2:30pm and I
immediately decided to go (since they, as well as CSoul, the AOE and LL are
my fave bands). i didn't know there was going to be an all-ages show and i
was so excited! So I rushed over to the Horseshoe Tavern and we got inside.
I met all the CoH guys and they performed SO well! John Richardson (the
drummer) even gave me a pair of his broken drumsticks and autographed them!
So during the second bands' performance, this guy walked in that looked
exactly like Lonni (I don't know how to spell it, help!) from the
SuperFriendz, but i was like 'no way! why would he come to a CoH concert,
he's not even playing!' Later, me and a friend were downstairs and Lonni
walked by and these other girls were like 'woah that was that guy from the
Superfriendz!'. So when he came back I stopped him and got his autograph
and a hug, and told him that SPz are an amazing band. :) Then later I went
to my synagogue and Steve Page from the BareNaked Ladies was there for this
presentation and he played a few BNL songs. He knows the CoH guys and I
told him to say hi to Ian and John cuz they'd know me by name (I talked to
them so much!) and he said he would. I got his autograph just for fun too.
;) eight famous people in one day! too cool!


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