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At 09:10 AM 9/23/97 -0700, James Rocchi wrote:
>Damn, It sucks being 3,000 miles from Halifax.
>Is anybody on Sloannet covering HOM in depth? Not "Umm. Me and Jake went to
>see this band and it was cool, then we talked with the guy from the
>Grifters....." (Not that that's a bad thing) but rather an overview for

ummm... just to sorta elaborate on this idea, if anyone is going and wants
to sorta cover it for a publication, the savory deadline has been extended
for at least another week and if someone wants to have something published,
well... send it my way or at least puh lease get in touch with me. i'm such
a mooch, i'm sorry everyone.

that's it :) thank u very much,

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