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CKDU's HoM Friday afternoon show...

hey kidz,
	Here's the scoop for those of you that live in the Halifax area or
can get Halifax radio from where you live.

DATE: Friday 9/26/97

PLACE: CKDU FM (does that qualify as a place? ;)  

TIME:  1pm - 2pm

DA' LOW DOWN: Mike Belitsky (of JALE -now the VEE'S- and of Cheticamp -woo
woo!-) will be hosting the hour long radio show, spinnin' his favorite
records, and *hopefully* plugging his show at the Indie Fair \!/ Wormwood's
on Sat 2/27 (but then again he's getting lots-o plugging from us PG
crew.)  BUT THAT'S NOT ALL KIDZ the never dull-always daring pyrotechnic
Thrush Hermit bassist, Ian McGettigan will be also co-hosting this
luscious one-time-only event. (And if anyone has seen Ian's performances
on stage for the last couple of months I can deduct this co-hosting gig
will also be quite entertaining.) 
	Tune in or be sorry.
Unfortunately I, myself, be in a plane somewhere over Maine on route to
Halifax  at that time. Hope to see many of you at the festivities. And
especially at the Indie Fair on Saturday for (one more gratuitous plug)
Cheticamp and all the other amazing bands playing.  For many of you who
have been requesting the Twisted 7" (featuring The Super Friendz,
Cheticamp, The New Grand, and Zumpano) we will have the very last of our
first pressing blue vinyl records on hand at the Poster Girl Records
table. Also it is uncertain when the second pressing will be so if ya
snooze ya'll lose. Unfortunately we won't have the Cheticamp CDs ready for
sale this weekend. But look for them within the next month and a half.
We will ALSO have the ever popular and lovely, Carol "Sizzleteen"
Nishitoba at the table to sell copies of her world famous zine _In the
Meantime_ or to sell you the record if you don't want a grubby New Yorker
touching your vinyl. ;) 
	See ya'll in four days...
				Coming Soon...