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Re: sloan rocks u.s. northeast

It's actually called "Money City Maniac (or Maniacs depending on who
you're talking to)" right now but that might change in the end.
Although it may sound familiar (as a  lot of Sloan songs do), it is a
new original, and yet another potential Sloan hit.
From: Heather MacEachern
To: sloannet\!/www.canadaweb.com
Subject: Re: sloan rocks u.s. northeast
Date: Monday, September 22, 1997 2:40PM

>Instead I'll ask if anyone with a clue (as I have none) could tell me
if the
>song Sloan closed the last two shows with (before encore) Money
something I
>think it said on the setlist is new or a cover.

it's called money city, or so it says on the set list... maybe that'll
with figuring out if it's a cover or not :)