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sloan rocks u.s. northeast

So, I suppose I could go on about how amazing Sloan was the last three nights
of their northeast tour, how the new songs are so good that it hardly seems
possible that I can  wait 6 months for a new record, how Sloan couldn't be
nicer or more supportive and cooperative of us annoying them for footage for
our tv show, and how Thrush Hermit live is clearly an experience I've been
needing all my life.
But I won't.  
Instead I'll ask if anyone with a clue (as I have none) could tell me if the
song Sloan closed the last two shows with (before encore) Money something I
think it said on the setlist is new or a cover.  It starts out with Andrew
doing a siren noise, then Chris joins in.  It's mostly a Patrick song.  And
it is fabulous.  
Thanks for any help  *jane