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sloan at grog 9/10/97

Saw Sloan for the 4th time this year on Wednesday. The place was the
Grog Shop, I saw Sloan there with Jale in '94 or '95 not long after
"Twice Removed" came out. There were maybe twenty people there last
time, the place was pretty much packed this time.

The Grog is a smallish bar that gets some pretty big named acts. It's
right around the corner from my apartment, which is awfully convenient
since I can go there, see a show, drink too much Rolling Rock, and
stumble home without having to get behind the wheel of a car.

I missed opening act Johan. Some friends of mine said they were pretty

I got there just in time for Thrush Hermit. This was the first time I
saw them. They rawked! I need to get all of their records. I also need
to lose 20 pounds to get that skinny indie rawk boy look that they did
so well. Somebody, probably Joel, had a big "Joel" belt buckle. If his
name wasn't Joel, I assume he's a big fan of former Mystery Science
Theatre 3000 host Joel Hodgson.

Sloan had a very large tour bus. The other bands used their amps and

The Sloan boys played a great set. Lots of new songs. Chris told us
"This is why we'll be huge in American next year" as an introduction to
one of Patrick's songs. Andrew had his little spot. I think Jay only
sang "The Lines You Amend". Patrick sang a few songs. Chris sang the
vast majority of the evening. Are their live sets slowly becoming the
Chris Murphy show or what?

In between the end of our set and the encore kids were yelling "Sloan!
Sloan! Sloan! Sloan!". When they took the stage Chris informed us that
the kids in Canada yell "Sloo-oan! Sloo-oan!" so we started doing that,
instead. Andrew was nowhere to be found. We started yelling "An-drew!
An-drew!" the same way. The Sloanmeisters were amused.

They didn't play "Underwhelmed". I thought they always played

I was more than whelmed by the whole experience.


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