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ET Fanzine

I'm not sure if I posted this to this list yet, so here's a shortened

A few months ago I was doing a web site for Eric's Trip fanatics, but it
fell through.  So now, which I think is better, I'm doing it as a fanzine
instead.  This is what it will be:

Issue #1 - tons of old interviews, photos, a complete discography (with a
few surprises), a band history, a list of bootlegs that people have of ET,
etc., at least one recent interview with Julie and ETH.

Issue #2 - from this point on, the current bands will be the zine's focus
(you know, Julie Doiron, Moon Socket, Purple Knight, Elevator To Hell, and
Tara S'appart: who obviously wasn't part of ET, but is married to Rick and
puts out amazing records.)  So, I guess from this point on it will be a
fanzine for the current bands, with the occasional bit on Eric's Trip

So, If you're interested in contributing some photos, interviews, etc,
please email me.  If you just want to be told when it comes out, please
email me also.  I have a fair number of people helping me out, but I want
to get as much stuff as I can.  The first issue is going to be huge -
especially with all the old interviews I've collected since '91.