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sloan related, I guess...

Hi folks!

Fact or ffiction: Sloan are recording a single for Flydaddy Records?

Myth or maybe?:  Sloan are playing Halifax on Music?

Murderecords' maniacal mayhem:  Is the Thrush Hermit 7" called _Blah 
Blah_ as the catalogue suggests?  And has anyone heard the Inbreds 7" yet?

Sheer shameless self-promo:  Suggestions, comments, and guestbook 
signatures are welcome at my 
no-way-in-hell-is-muderecords-gonna-let-me-be-official Super Friendz 
site, cleverly (!?) titled Rescue Us From Boredom.  The URL:

Useful tip:  The lyrics (English) included in the Japanese version of _One 
Chord To Another_ are quite interesting - about 75% accurate, although 
the errors provide interesting conversation pieces.  And NEW versions of 
"Stood Up" and "Same Old Flame" are provided.  Although I would've 
enjoyed Japanese translations of lyrics.  I wonder if _Twice Removed_ has 
been released in Japan yet...  Translations would be cool..

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