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Snowsuit Sound

I just saw Sloan this weekend in Buffalo. They ROCKED!!! (of course! :)) They
played lots of new stuff. 4 or 5 new songs I think. They also played "Good
Golly Miss Molly". No "Underwhelmed" though. (After the show Chris said "I
just didn't want to play it.") And no encore :( The guys made up for that
though by coming out & signing autographs after the show. I even got a couple
of pictures with the guys ;) 
I taped the show & it turned out pretty good. But I guess my little sister
didn't think they sounded so good, because she taped right over Jay singing
"Snowsuit Sound"! :( :( :( Needless to say I was very VERY upset. If anyone
has a tape of that show (or any other actually) that they would be willing to
copy for me in exchange for a blank tape or $$ for a tape, I would be very
much in your debt!!! Jay singing "Snowsuit Sound" was one of my favorite
moments of the evening & I would really like to be able to hear it again. 

(A somewhat sad Sloaner)