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hey, is sloannet still alive anyway??

Hey, well you probably don't care, but I've been away (in Germany,
actually) since the begining of May.  I got back a few weeks ago, but
have only gotten my email back again this week.  So anyway, a lot can
change in four months, and since Germany is just about as far away from
Sloan as you can get, I thought I'd just see if sloannet is still

Speaking of changes, I turned on the tv the other night to hear sloan
playing on ctv (currently the only channel my 25 year old vrc is
receiving)... I then realized that not only was it ctv, but it was a
John Woo thing?!  Apparently, Once a Theif has been turned into a
regular tv series (unfortunatly without Chow Yun Fat)... this has
probably been discussed to death, but I thought I would mention it