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TH and SLOAN weekend-long

the run down

saturday afternoon the Johan-Thrush Hermit-Sloan tour met up with the
Southern Comfort Rocks the Blues Tour in Buffalo, ny.  NOT Barfalo.

it was free admission and they had an intersection blocked off downtown.
thrush hermit were on at 4:15pm to which Joel says that he's never played in
the daytime ever and doesn't want to again.  his voice is only useful after
6pm. Sloan's bus's air conditioning is on constantly and he woke up at 1pm
w/a sore throat didn't help much. joel and rob started the show with the
opening of patriot while Ian "crab-walked" around the front of the stage
around the back and out to the front to start.  they didn't play the song
then.  they ended with patriot and ian jumped out onto a pile of speakers
which was between the stage and the steel gate 5 foot space on each side.
he then put the bass in his mouth and stood there for about 5 minutes while
joel and rob dueled it out.  

sloan came on when it was getting dark, around 7 and played for an hour.
about 4 or 5 new songs, one the lyrics weren't complete yet.  as mentioned
already, jay did snowsuit sound.  not many clapped:(  chris was really
active on the drums during andrew's time.  some idiots in the crowd were
throwing rolls of streamers at the stage, nailing the drum kit and falling
short of patrick.  chris got out from behind the drums and wanted to hug
patrick in an 'all in fun' manner, but patrick wasn't gonna swallow it.
stupid security; probably got the tops of their heads in all my pics.

monday night at Milestones Nightclub, Rochester, NY ra cha cha

this place was a restaurant!  capacity 235 people.  there were about 110
sitting around.  
thrush hermit went on with wreckless abandon.  they opened with a new song
(yes??) 'Uneventful'.  took requests 'at my expense' 'sorry if your heart'
and the 2nd last song also a very new song, 'divided by 2' which was very
good.  patriot ended the show with joel sitting on the monitor, kneeling in
front of rob and sitting on a stool dueling it out while ian had the bass in
his mouth for a shorter time, maybe a minute.  

sloan came out at 11 to play to 50 people!!!!  (maybe 55)  i say 50 because
for one of the new songs, chris had eveyone clapping and counted 41 pairs of
hands in the air.  i looked around and saw hardly a handful not clapping.
with a shin-high stage, and able to reach out to grab the mike stand from
the floor in front, Sloan slammed it out.  they started with Coax Me, then a
new song to which i used a handy scrap of paper and pen i had with me.
".....pretty girl in case......don't hide your face.......behind your
tangled curls......"    i was too into the rest of the show to write what
the other new ones said.  also played was Bells On.  and chris invited this
guy up from the crowd to sing 'take the bench'.  andrew slammed out three
songs 600 metres and two others.  one was an oldie i know(not 'miss molly')
the other i don't know.  
for the encore, patrick took to the skins, chris guitar for 'deeper than
beauty'.  then the two of them played a song i didn't recognize, (they knew
very well) they couldn't decide what to do next so chris dropped the guitar.
andrew came out to take jays guitar and they played penpals in F# or
something.  chris was singing low and andrew was dragging it thru the mud.
jay tried to play with patricks guitar on a stool, but then took the bass.
did a instrumental or two then Ian M. took patrick's guitar and they played
"johny b. goode" in four different keys.  never thought jay's guitar made
any noise! heh.  Ian did the one leg hop across the stage.  

in this town 75 miles east of Buffalo, they knew TH and Sloan well.  seems
like a handful of campus/comm. stations there.  

there WON'T be a Flydaddy 7"  Internal 'fighting' over it within the band.
came down to couldn't decide what songs/weren't any they wanted to use on it.  

they're gonna record at Chemical in Toronto next month for a tentative April

thrush hermit goes to record in December for new album.  this tour is for
the current album, next tour is for the new songs.  their 7" has been
released.  Nice Sloannet let us know of that!    

with a small crowd, crowded stage jam, and a bountiful pickup at Record
Archive before the show, the $10 admission was nothing.

a happy fan,